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In essence, La Casa Secreta is an open community that aims to share special moments, encouraging meaningful experiences among people from all over the world, without discriminating against any participant, regardless of race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, sex or marital status.


The information contained in this document may be updated or modified from time to time, so it should not be construed as final.


By visiting our website and/or purchasing with us, you agree and accept our Terms and Conditions of Service, including all conditions and policies mentioned herein. These Terms and Conditions of Service apply to all users of the website, including but not limited to users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants and/or content contributors.



Of the Organizer

  • Inform the customer of destination characteristics such as weather, if formal attire is necessary, or for sports and outdoor activities, as well as whether any specific items are required in the customer’s luggage;

  • Inform the customer of the country that will host the event;

  • Provide information of the route and schedule of the trip, meeting place and time for departure, place and time of return, as well as other information necessary to start the trip;

  • Expect customers at the meeting point and provide transportation to La Casa Secreta;

  • Provide transportation (round trip) from the designated place of departure;

  • Provide accommodation during all the length of the trip, in the house chosen to host the event;

  • Provide food and drinks according to the program of the trip (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks);

  • Provide at least 1 (one) experience per day, during the period of La Casa Secreta.


Of the customer

  • Complete the form (provided by the organizers) informing his/her preferences, possible allergies, food restrictions, health and other details so that the organizers can prepare the house to receive them in the best way;

  • Make payments according to previously agreed deadlines;

  • Organize his/her luggage according to the information received by the organizers;

  • Attend the scheduled day and time to start the journey. IMPORTANT: In case the client misses the scheduled transportation time, it will be his/her responsibility to organize a new transfer, and it is not up to the organizers to reschedule and/or pay for this new route.

  • Check if he/she has conditions to participate in La Casa Secreta according to country of origin, visa for the destination and passport validity. If a visa is required, and there is still time to process it, La Casa Secreta can refer a partner travel agency to initiate the visa application;


Payment can be made via bank transfer. Please fill the registration form and we will contact you with the payment details.

A payment of 50% will be necessary to guarantee the registration. The remaining 50% must be paid up to 30 days before the start of the trip.

Once the payment is confirmed, the client will receive an email with the confirmation of the reservation.


In case the client cannot participate in La Casa Secreta, he/she can request cancellation, observing the following the rules:

  • Up to 60 days before travel: 70% refund of the amount paid;

  • Up to 30 days before travel: 40% refund of the amount paid;

  • Less than 30 days for travel: No refund. However, the client is allowed to pass the spot to another person.


Cancellations during La Casa Secreta


In case of early departure from La Casa Secreta, the client will not receive reimbursement of the amount paid, except in case of breach by the organization of these terms and conditions or of the trip’s program.


* The client must fill in the form (sent by the organization) informing his/her preferences, possible allergies, food restrictions, health and other details so that the organizers can prepare the house to receive them in the best way. The client cannot claim noncompliance with the program if his/her complaint refers to something not informed previously to the organization and will not receive a refund if he/she wishes to cancel the stay.



In the event of impossibility of using the house to continue the event (accident/disaster/fire), the client will receive a refund corresponding to the services not rendered (to be calculated at the time), within thirty (30) days from the date of the event’s cancellation;


Cancellation of experiences during La Casa Secreta

It is the organizers’ responsibility to offer a minimum of 1 (one) experience per day during the clients' stay at La Casa Secreta.

Should any experience be cancelled (due to climate influence / cancellation by the contracted service provider and / or any other specific reason), the organizer will be committed to replace it with another experience to be selected by the organizers.


Experiences of La Casa Secreta include:

  • Activities related to gastronomy and beverages;

  • Classes, lectures and workshops with specific themes and invited professionals;

  • Outdoor activities, organized in or around the house;


It will not be the responsibility of La Casa Secreta to pay for any extra activity other than activities previously scheduled in the program.


It is not the client's obligation to participate in the activities proposed by the organizers. If the client chooses not to participate, he/she will have this free time and may use the house facilities to relax and/or seek another activity in the surroundings.


It will not be the responsibility of La Casa Secreta to pay for any extra activity other than activities previously reported in the program.


La Casa Secreta will establish for each destination a period of stay in the house. This period will be communicated in advance to all interested parties. If the client chooses to extend the travel time, it is not the organizers responsibility to provide this new itinerary.

The organizers will inform customers the country of destination of the event, as well as the location defined as a meeting point. If the client wishes to extend his/her trip, the organization may recommend a partner travel agency to make arrangements for the extended stay. The costs related to the extra period will be the client’s full responsibility.



Some experiences that will occur during La Casa Secreta season will be filmed and photographed. They will be part of a promotional material, which will be released on social media and will also be used as material for the production of the future Webserie of La Casa Secreta.

The organizers will ask customers to sign an authorization to use the images so that they can be published.

If the client does not wish to have his/her image disclosed, he/she must inform the organizers in advance.


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